Homemade Decorations

Homemade Halloween Decorations and Halloween Crafts

It’s fun to make Halloween crafts at home with your kids. Any of these ideas can be made with just a few supplies, and your kids will love seeing their creation used to decorate the house. Don’t forget to check out more Halloween Decorations available online.

Witch’s Broom

See my photo for the finished design on this really FUN Halloween decoration. First take a straw broom and rough up the handle with fine sandpaper. This will really help the paint to stick.

(In the photo, the yellow paint should NOT be visible…I learned the hard way that I should have lightly sanded the smooth handle before painting. Oh, well, the kids didn’t seem to notice.)

Then lay it on newspaper and completely cover the handle and the broom head with black spray paint. If you want to jazz it up, tape off big stripes on the handle and paint half of them orange.

Use 2” or 3” wide ribbon in a Halloween design to tie a big bow around the bottom of the handle where it meets the broom head. Then glue a big plastic spider onto the ribbon.

Lean your witch’s broom against the wall by your front door on Halloween night.

Milk Jug Monster Heads

Use empty milk jugs to make a set of scary monster heads. Turn the jug upside down and draw eyes and a jagged mouth using black craft paint.

Next, dip a tissue into a tiny bit of black paint and pat it all over the top of the milk jug, to resemble hair. Arrange your monster heads in a big tub and display!

Note: I filled the tub with crumpled newspaper and covered it with a piece of black cloth to help the heads sit up over the rim of the tub. You can easily change the look by using green paint, or any other color.

Scary Hands

This is one of my kids’ favorite Halloween decorations, and we made them using clear disposable plastic gloves. First we filled the gloves with white tissues and tied them shut with black ribbon.

Next, slip plastic Halloween finger tips onto each finger, and add a spider ring on each ring finger.

Then we used red nail polish to draw scars on the back of each hand. Use these scary hands to decorate a plate of cookies, and watch your kids’ faces!

Ghost Seats

Turn dining chairs into ghostly seats!

Start with a plain white pillowcase.

Add spooky ghost eyes and a mouth cut from black felt.

Slip the pillowcase over the chair back.

Make enough to cover all the chairs at the table.


Make your own scarecrow with a pair of child’s jeans and shirt.

Stuff the jeans and shirt with wadded up newspaper. Pin the shirttails to the inside of the jeans with large safety pins, and then add a rope belt.

Use twine to tie the legs and sleeves shut, so the stuffing doesn’t fall out.

Now for a head. Use a white plastic trash bag filled with newspaper, and draw the face in permanent marker. First tie the bag shut, and then flip it upside down so the tied end can be pinned inside the shirt collar. This will leave a large round shape for the head.

Sit your scarecrow on the front steps, or inside the house in front of the fireplace.

Bats on a Trellis

Cut large bat shapes out of black foam sheets from the craft store.

You can draw eyes and fangs in metallic silver marker, but that is optional.

I used a flower trellis stored in our garage, and arranged the bats by weaving the wings through the trellis arms.

Then the trellis was placed on our front porch, just leaning up against the wall.

This was fast, really easy, and the kids loved it!

Glowing Black Pumpkin

For a different take on pumpkin carving, try this design.

I used a foam craft pumpkin from the craft store and cut a hole out of the bottom. This provides an opening for clear xmas lights. Then drill holes all over the pumpkin using a drill. After the holes are drilled, cover the whole pumpkin with glossy black spray paint.

Try it, the effect when the lights shine through all the holes is really unique.

Spooky Candlesticks

Look at yard sales and thrift shops for old candlesticks that you can use for this project.

Or purchase basic wooden candlesticks at any discount store.

Use glossy black spray paint to completely spray paint the candlesticks.

Fill the candlesticks with white, black, or orange candles.

You can tie a Halloween ribbon around the candlestick for more effect.

Dead Floral Arrangement

Gather a few dead branches from the yard. Spray paint them black, and set them in a pot of florist foam. Cover the foam with Spanish moss.

Styrofoam Spiders

My kids made a whole group of spiders one day after school using different sized Styrofoam balls.

I spray painted them black while the kids were in school, and laid out black chenille stems and wiggle eyes from the craft store. To make each spider, cut the black chenille stems to size and push eight pieces into each Styrofoam ball to create the legs. Then glue on the wiggle eyes.

That’s it! Once they were dry, my kids hung them from the light fixtures in the kitchen and family room.

Candy Corn Candle

Start with a large glass vase or hurricane jar.

Fill the vase/jar about halfway full with candy corn.

Set an orange, black or white candle inside. The top of the candle should still be safely inside the vase. You don’t want the flame above the rim of the vase.

Tie a Halloween ribbon around the vase with a large bow.

Check out more Halloween Decorations available online.

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