Homemade Costumes

Homemade Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for kids, we have some fun and different suggestions! Kids Halloween costumes need to be comfortable for walking and safe, meaning the child can see and walk normally while wearing the costume. Lots of moms enjoy making their child’s costume for Halloween, and I was certainly one of them. My greatest success was making a spider costume from black tights attached to a black sweatshirt.  For those of us who would rather buy one, click here to find the perfect costume.

Spider –

Buy three pairs of child sized black tights. Cut off the legs and discard the panty sections. Stuff each leg loosely with crushed newspaper. Sew three legs to each side of a black sweatshirt, starting underneath the armpit area (your child’s arms are the last two spider legs, for a total of eight legs). Dress child in matching black sweatpants and a black ski hat. Variation: You may notice a bit of red showing on the front in the photo above. My son wanted to be a black widow spider, so I glued a piece of red felt in the shape of an hourglass to the front of the sweatshirt.

Ghost –

The ever popular ghost costume is surely the easiest to make! Just buy a twin-size white sheet, drape it over the child, trim the bottom as needed, and cut out holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The problem with this costume is that it shifts as the child moves, and they end up unable to see. My solution is to cut a hole big enough for the head to fit, and let the sheet rest on the child’s shoulders. Then cover the child’s face in white makeup to complete the ghost effect.

Dalmatian Puppy –

Cut out spots from black felt, and use fabric glue to attach them to a white sweatshirt and sweatpants. Use a washable marker to draw spots, whiskers and a doggy nose on the child’s face. Cute and easy!

Movie Popcorn –

Use a box that will fit over child’s head and down to the knees. Cut holes for the head and arms, and then paint the box with red and white stripes. Use black paint to print the word POPCORN across the front of the box. Cut many pieces of yellow construction paper in half. Crumple each half and glue to the top of the box as the popcorn.

Robot –

Start with a large cardboard box and cut holes for the child’s head and arms. Spray paint the box with silver paint. Use two pieces of flexible dryer vent as arms, and attach to the box. Decorate the front with empty container lids to create a control panel. Add a metal vegetable strainer as the child’s helmet.

Bunch of Grapes

Inflate lots of small purple balloons, and don’t make them too big. Pin the balloons to a purple sweatshirt and sweatpants. Cut out two large leaves from green felt and attach them to a green ski hat.

Bubble Bath –

Start with white sweatshirt and sweatpants. Create the bubbles from small white balloons, and don’t blow them up very big. Pin the balloons to the sweatshirt and pants. Pin a hand towel over one shoulder, and wear a shower cap. Your child now looks like a big bubble bath!

Farmer –

Dress your child in denim overalls, plaid shirt, a straw hat and a red bandanna tied around the neck. This costume is quick and easy and works especially well for toddlers.


Paint a large box blue, and cut holes for the child’s head and arms. Line up six empty margarine tubs and glue them to the front of the box, similar to the look of a LEGO block. Paint them blue also. Dress child in matching blue sweatpants. Note: make sure the box is no longer than the child’s knees, so that walking is safe; and use very strong glue to keep the margarine tubs from popping off.

Pizza Slice –

Cut a piece of heavy cardboard into two long triangles. They should fit from the child’s shoulders to below their knees. Leave one triangle brown, which will be the bottom crust of the pizza slice. Paint the other triangle red, leaving a brown edge at the top as the pizza crust. Next, cut out yellow cheese, black olives, green pepper slices and brown mushroom shapes from construction paper. Glue them onto the pizza. Poke a hole in the crust near each shoulder, and tie a loop of cord through each hole attaching the decorated triangle to the plain crust. Then slip the pizza slice over child’s head, with the cord resting on his shoulders. Pin the cord to the child’s clothes to prevent it from slipping off.

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