Halloween Party Games

Fun Games for a Halloween Party

Your Halloween party isn’t complete without some Halloween games. Our list of Halloween party games and Halloween crafts includes lots of fun ideas for a kids Halloween party. Choose 3-4 of the games and Halloween crafts to keep your guests entertained.

Bob For Apples

This classic fall game is still a hit with kids. Just be aware that some of the children won’t want to stick their face in the water, so you probably will have some who just watch.

Fill a large bucket or tub with water and float the apples on top.

The object is to retrieve an apple by biting into one, and NOT using your hands.

Pumpkin Hula Hoop Toss

Place three pumpkins on the ground in different places.

Let the kids take turns trying to throw a hula hoop over the pumpkins.

Award points for each pumpkin, like one point for the closest, two points for the middle pumpkin, and three points for the one farthest away.

Monster Freeze Dance

Play Halloween music while the kids dance, and then suddenly turn it off. Everyone must stop moving and “freeze”.

Anyone who still moved is out. Keep playing until there is only one dancer left, and this is the winner.

Pick up a CD of Halloween music like Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, Ghostbusters, Thriller, Werewolves of London, The Time Warp, and Witch Doctor.

Mummy Wrapping Contest

Divide the children into teams of three and give each team a roll of toilet paper.

Two of the children will work together to wrap the third team member as a mummy.

Play some fun Halloween music and give them about ten or fifteen minutes.

When everyone is finished, let the mummies parade around the room so everyone can see them. You can even let the kids vote for the best mummy.

Pumpkin Bowling with Soda Bottles

Use empty plastic soda bottles as the bowling pins and put just a little sand or dry beans in each one to help it stand up well.

Then choose small pumpkins as the bowling balls.

Let each child roll three times to see how many bottles they can knock down.

The kids will love this game, so be ready to let everyone have two or three turns.

Pumpkin Golf

Cut a really large mouth from the bottom of a big pumpkin.

Make sure the mouth is level with the ground, so the golf balls can roll inside.

Let the kids take turns trying to putt a golf ball into the pumpkin’s mouth.

Pumpkin Toss – Make bean bags from small socks filled with dry beans, and tie them shut with ribbon.

Carve a large hole in the top of three pumpkins and empty out the seeds. Go ahead, carve a jack-o-lantern face, too. (Or just draw on the face with black permanent marker.)

Each child gets 4-5 bean bags and tries to toss them into the pumpkins.

Place the pumpkins in different spots and award one point for getting the bean bag into the closest pumpkin, two points for the next one, and three points for the pumpkin farthest away.

Eyeball Relay Race – Draw eyeballs and bloodshot veins on white ping pong balls using permanent marker.

Divide the guests into two teams and have them race while holding the eyeball in a spoon. If they drop the eyeball, they must stop and pick it back up.

Mark a spot in the yard where the runners should turn around and head back to their team.

They should pass the eyeball onto the spoon of the next player, and that person runs next.

The race continues until all players on both teams have run, and whichever team finishes first is the winner.

For older kids, let them hold the spoon in their mouth as they race.

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