Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts for Kids:

Styrofoam Spiders

My kids made a whole group of spiders one day after school using different sized Styrofoam balls. I spray painted them black while the kids were in school, and laid out black chenille stems and wiggle eyes from the craft store.

To make each spider, cut the black chenille stems to size and push eight pieces into each Styrofoam ball to create the legs. Then glue on the wiggle eyes.  That’s it!

Once they were dry, my kids hung them from the light fixtures in the kitchen and family room.

Pumpkin Decorating

Supply small pumpkins and paint, ribbon, googly eyes, etc.

Let each child decorate a pumpkin to take home.

Notice this activity does not use knives to carve the pumpkins.

This is to keep the craft safer and certainly easier for adults and children.

Ghost Lollipops

You’ll need a bag of Tootsie Pops and white tissues, such as Kleenex.

Cover Tootsie Pops with a white Kleenex.

Tie the Kleenex closed underneath with a piece orange yarn or ribbon.

Use a black marker to draw eyes.

These are great to hand out at school, too.

Pasta Skeleton CraftClick here for full directions…

Balloon Ghost

Cut the handles off of two white plastic grocery bags; then cut strips up to the seam, but NOT thru the bottom seam.

Tape the bags all around a white inflated balloon, near the bottom.

Now draw two large black oval eyes and a mouth using a black marker.

Paper Plate Jack-o-Lantern

Use solid orange paper plates, which can be found starting in September each year. Have each child draw two round eyes, a triangle nose, and a smile on the back of the plate.

Cut out the face shapes.

Next, cut a leaf shape from green construction paper and glue it to the top of the plate.

Staple a loop of orange yarn to the top of the plate so the kids can hang them up when they go home.

Halloween Party Supplies

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