Boo Bags

Halloween Boo Bags

Boo Bags and the “You’ve Been Boo’d” poem started in our town one year and were so much fun for the kids! Our doorbell rang one evening in October, but when we opened the door no one was there. Then we saw the Boo Bag on our porch. It was a small goody bag containing some candy and a few small toys. Attached to the Boo Bag was this poem, with clip art of a ghost in the middle:

You’ve Been Boo’d!

This sweet surprise is called a “boo”

You’ll never know exactly who

Brought treats and then ran off unseen

To brighten up your Halloween!

It’s twice the good luck if you go

And “Boo” two other folks you know!

Pack up a ghost sign, treats, and gifts

And add a poem just like this.

Pick out a house and sneak up close.

Make sure its windows have no ghost

That tells you clearly

“We’ve been Boo’d”

It’s best to visit someplace new.

Knock fast on someone’s door – then RUN!

Make sure you’re never seen! It’s FUN!

And once they get your gifts and food,

They know for sure that….

They’ve been Boo’d!

My daughter was ecstatic! The whole idea of a secret friend leaving treats on the porch was so exciting. My son was just as excited, even though the Boo Bag was for his sister. We immediately put the sign in our front window to show that we’d been Boo’d, but I added my daughter’s name to the top of the sign to make it clear which child had received a Boo Bag. Another slip of paper with the words “I’ve Been Boo’d By a friend at school!” and clip art of a ghost was included in the Boo Bag for us to tape on a window or door.

Within two days we were driving out after dark to deliver Boo Bags to two of her friends, plus two of my son’s friends. He decided to get the bags going around the kids in his class, too. Their favorite part was ringing a doorbell and then running like crazy back to our van before anyone answered the door!

Try it this October yourself! You could start the Boo Bags in your neighborhood or among the kids in your child’s class. I found the ghost clip art used above in Microsoft Word clip art files as I was typing the poem and sign. Just click on “insert”, then click on “clip art” and when the search box opens on the side of your screen, type the word “ghost” and hit “go”. Lots of clip art with ghosts will show up, so just scroll down to see the choices and choose the ones you like.

Make up a Boo Bag yourself, or simply order some Halloween Favor Sets and you are ready to spread some ghostly fun!

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